Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome to Your Self-Publishing Course!

    • A Quick Bit About Me...

    • What You Will Learn

    • Quick Overview of How Amazon's Self-Publishing Platform Works

  • 2

    Bonus Material: Haven't Started Writing Yet?

    • Pre-Writing & Pre-Publishing Questions to Consider

    • Outlining Your Book: Free Book Templates

    • Invoking Your Muses

    • Identifying Scale-able Profitable Niches: Which Books Are in Low Supply But High Demand?

  • 3

    Editing Your Manuscript

    • Editing Your Book: Organization, Content, and Conventions

  • 4

    Formatting And Interior Design

    • Decide on Your Book's Trim Size

    • Using Templates to Format Your Book's Interior

    • Choosing Fonts for Your Book

    • Front Matter: Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication Page, Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, Introduction, & Prologue

    • Back Matter

    • Getting Endorsements for Your Book

  • 5

    Interior Illustrations:

    • Free and Low-Cost Illustrations and Graphic Art

  • 6

    Book Cover Design

    • People WILL Judge Your Book By Its Cover

    • Aligning Your Title and Subtitle With Key Search Words and Category Words

    • How to Create a Professional Looking Book Cover With a Free Online Program

    • Hiring Inexpensive Artists to Create Book Covers For You

  • 7

    Publishing Your Book On KDP

    • Create Your Free KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Account

    • Uploading Your Manuscript Into KDP

    • Choosing, Changing, and Adding Categories | THIS IS CRUCIAL!

    • Choosing Effective Key Phrases

    • Give Good Copy: Writing Effective Descriptions for Your Book

  • 8

    Publishing Low and Zero Content Books: YES, You Want to Do This!

    • Publishing Low and Zero Content Books = Lucrative Passive Income Streams

    • Identifying Scale-able Profitable Niches: Which Books Are in Low Supply But High Demand?

    • How to Create Coloring Books Using a Free Online Program

    • How to Create Journals Using a Free Online Program

    • How to Create Picture Books Using a Free Online Program

    • File Restrictions and Combining PDFs

  • 9

    After Your Book Is Live

    • Increase Sales By Expanding the Look Inside Feature

    • Fixing Interior Flaws, Changing Your Cover, and Republishing Your Book

    • How to Create Your Amazon Author Profile

    • How to Monitor Your Book's Ranking in Individual Categories

    • How to Get Book Reviews

    • How to Deal With Negative Reviews

    • Hack For Ordering Your Author Copies

  • 10

    How to Earn MASTER LEVEL INCOME From Self-Publishing: The Secret Game-Changer

    • THIS is How to Earn Big Money in the Self-Publishing Business

  • 11

    Bonus Material:

    • Download FREE Bonus Templates Here!

    • Free Resource: Lined Journal Plain 6x9 120 Pages PDF Formatted for KDP

    • Free Resource: Interior Pages: Drawing and Writing Journal Formatted for KDP

    • Other Places to Sell Your Book as a Printable Resource

    • The Psychology of Success: Staying Motivated and Accomplishing Your Self Publishing Goals

    • Publishing Your Book as an Ebook

    • Marketing Tips

    • Stay Connected